The DiamanteDesk development team accepts contributions to code and documentation from the community. If you have found a bug, don’t hesitate to let us know about it! We do our best to make DiamanteDesk as easy-to-use and as helpful as possible, so we are thankful for any effort to enhance application’s functionality.

Contributing Code

When creating DiamanteDesk application and for other projects we work on, we prefer to stick to certain PHP coding standards, described in PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-4 documentation. This strategy ensures structure quality and easier software maintenance. Therefore, when contributing to DiamanteDesk, please make sure to follow these coding standards.

Any contribution can be made as an Issue or Pull Request in the corresponding section of the repository on GitHub.

DiamanteDesk functionality is separated into the bundles, such as ApiBindle, FrontBundle, EmbeddedFormBundle, EmailProcessingBundle, etc. When contributing to code or reporting an issue, please select the bundle responsible for specific functionality.

Report a Bug

If you found a bug:
  • Look through the corresponding section of DiamanteDesk documentation to make sure that a certain feature works incorrectly.
  • Find the relevant bundle on GitHub and check whether the same issue has not been already opened.
To report a bug:
  • Create a new issue. Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to create issues on GitHub.
  • Provide a short precise description of the issue in the title.
  • In case there are UI issues, provide screenshots.
  • Describe the steps to reproduce this bug using a recent version of the software.
  • Include the information about your environment.

Code Changes

To change application code or submit a patch, fork the project on GitHub, perform the required changes, and log a pull request to get the changes pulled back into DiamanteDesk repository. To learn more about pull requests on GitHub, follow this link.

Note: When committing changes in the code, add detailed messages on what exactly has been changed.

Contributing Documentation

DiamanteDesk documentation uses Markdown syntax and Jekyll for generating the documentation in the HTML format.

The application documentation, as well as its code, is hosted on Github. You need a GitHub user account to contribute to the documentation.

When editing or contributing to documentation, you can either create an Issue on GitHub, describe it and let us know what exactly shall be changed, or you can make changes independently in the same way, described in the Code Changes section.