Every time a customer or administrator performs any action in the system, this action is added to the read-only event-action history log. Actions are entity properties that are created, updated or removed. Entities are users, branches, tickets, comments, attachments. Examples of actions stored in the action history log:

  • A new user was created in the system
  • A new comment was added
  • An existing ticket was updated
  • A branch was deleted

To view all the actions made by the users in the system, move to System > Data Audit. The Data Audit screen opens. This screen contains the following information regarding the actions performed:

Field Description
Action This field defines the action performed by a user. The available actions are: Update, Create, Delete.
Version Current field indicates how many actions has been created to this entity. For example,
Entity Type This field indicates the entity type modified by a DiamanteDesk user. This can be any of the following entity types: User, Branch, Ticket, Comment, Attachment.
Entity Name This field contains the name of a user, branch, ticket, comment or attachment.
Entity ID Entity ID is a unique number of an entity in the system.
Data All the data added to the entity where the action is performed is indicated in this field. For example, when a new ticket is created, the Data field contains such information as ticket subject, description, status, priority, reporter and the branch.
Author The name of a person who performed current changes in the system is indicated in this field.
Organization This field indicates an organization specified during DiamanteDesk or OroCRM installation.
Logged at The date and time when the action is performed is shown in this field.

Note: You can filter the data audit information according to the following criteria:

  • Action
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Name
  • Entity ID
  • Author